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Job opportunities
Sales associate
$23 - $27Per hour
At: Breads BakeryNew York
Team member
$16 - $20Per hour
At: Downtown YogurtNew York
$17Per hour
At: Collective Hotels & RetreatsNew York
$20 - $22Per hour
At: Breads BakeryNew York
$11Per hour
At: 2nd Ave DeliNew York
$10.7Per hour
At: Angelina BakeryNew York
$13 - $22Per hour
At: Bagel MarketNew York
Service Manager
$18 - $23Per hour
At: Springbone KitchenNew York
$50K - $60KPer year
At: Brunchaholics Cherry Hill
General manager
$75K - $90KPer year
At: Rooted Hospitality GroupPatchogue
$16 - $19Per hour
At: Baya BarWhite Plains
$18 - $24Per hour
At: 2nd Ave DeliNew York
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Privacy first
Privacy first
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Be yourself
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No ghosting
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Smart matching
Our algorithm shows you where you have the best chances of getting hired
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What is the cost of your service?

Our service is completely free for job seekers.

How do I find a suitable job?

Our algorithm constantly organizes job listings based on your chances of getting hired, like a matchmaking app for jobs

Do I really not need to upload a CV?

That's right! We believe in people, not just documents.

How can I post a job on Worklik?

It's simple! Click on the 'Employers' button. Post a job and start getting matches.
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